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On this page we will tell you about our product, and what we want you, the consumer to think about our company.

Our Product and it's Benefits

Aid Incorporated's first product Scar-b-Gone is a pill that will get rid of any scar that you have on your body.  This product (the pill) needs to be taken every twelve hours for forty eight hours.  While this product is healing the scars on your body, it will rejuvenate your skin from the inside to give you soft and healthy skin.  

The Benefits of this product is their will be know scars on your body.  the pills are all natural, they keep your skin smooth and healthy, and there are no side effects.

Company Image

The company image we are looking for is enviromentallysafe and employee friendly. Here at Aid Incorporated we put our product through the highest safety tests.  We try to be as honest and truthful as possible.

Aid Incorporated Headquarters * Emida Ave.  * Boise, ID * US * 22591

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